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    The time was almost eight thirty am, and the sun's rays fell trough the window's curtains and light the room. This, and chatter outside the room, caused Ishimaru to wake. He rubbed his face a bit and pushed some loose strands of hair out of his face, then made his way out. Mondo's voiced echoed through the apartment as he talked to someone not familiar to the perfect on the phone.

    "Really? That sounds pretty chill!...... I don't know maybe, I'll ask 'im when he wakes up......haha! You too... bye" Mondo then hung up on whoever he was speaking to and entered the living room as Taka did. "Oh hey wassup yer awake!"

    "Nothing really," Ishi yawned. "And how about yourself?..." Mondo shrugged to Ishi's question and and sat on his couch.

    "I'm pretty good, 'made some breakfast. Eggs n' stuff. It's in the kitchen, help yer'self" The perfect smiled a bit then made his way into the kitchen. Of course it wasn't anything super fancy, just eggs and sausages. "I'm super pumped to hear what everyone's been up to back in Japan!"

    "Nothing really has changed." Taka replied as he made a plate. When he was finished Mondo signaled Taka to sit by him. "Or for myself at least.... I still go to school, but I plan on starting an internship when I return to Japan." The former gang member gently placed his arm around the perfect.

    "That sounds cool, things have been really different for me." Mondo stated. "College here is crazy! But I kid ya not, It's pretty fun! There's a lot of parties n' stuff that other people host." Ishimaru let out a sigh.

    "Should I be worried about any of gatherings?.." Yes, Ishimaru Kiyotaka did trust his boyfriend. It has been awhile though... and only a few people knew they're together. They always kind of kept everything a secret until they were ready to come out to their friends. Ishimaru still never told his parents of his boyfriend. He decided to wait a bit longer, and Mondo never even thought of telling his gang. Or what was his gang.....

    "nah, nobody ever really bothers me. And I don't cheat on ya or anythin'" Mondo said slightly ruffling Taka's hair. "T'night my friend next door is having a party. Would ya wana go with me? I could introduce ya?" There was enthusiasm in Mondo's voice. Ishimaru placed his plate on the coffee table in front of the couch. No, he did not want to go. He just wanted to be with Mondo alone for the first day, but he didn't want to upset him either..... and he was going to stay for the whole summer.....

    "I.... I guess." The former gamg member smiled at the perfect, god Taka really missed having Mondo around.

    "That's the spirit! Don't worry, I will make sure nothin happens to ya"


A/N: I normally talk/type with pretty well grammar and Mondo is killing me. :,^)
but these two are my kings
so it's necessary
Ishida Kiyondo by LORDpatty456
Ishida Kiyondo
yeye this was hell but i like the background so I'm happy

Ignore the Auspicious Vagabond I drew this on colors 3D and that's my username on that :^)
You all should check me out on Colors 3D though i restarted my account bc ew old art
and my restart i mean i deleted my old account and made a new one
Ishida NSFW-ish
welp this was fun
I have a weird obsession with Ishimaru Kiyotaka and Mondo Owada
and their fusion thingy Ishida so this was made ;^O
it's kinda eh but i don't rlly care fight me

if you don't like it um... don't be immature and comment childish things bc um you were the one to view it
it was your choice thank u very much


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so um does any one want to be friends?

I'm too shy to go out to other people-
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